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This is because the bags of goods different from that put the foot in the shoe

Monday 9 March 2015

tensile strength, breathability (PVC-free). Markings PVC leather is formed by steel roller pressing the pattern; PU leather pattern is a pattern paper to the semi-finished leather surface thermal paste, waiting for cooling down the separation of the paper after the leather, surface treatment. PU leather price more than 1 time times higher than PVC leather, PU leather with some special requirements 2-3 times higher than that of PVC leather prices. Generally required of PU   nike free run 5.0 running shoes leather is considered scrap pattern paper using only 4-5; pattern rollers the use of long cycle and therefore higher cost than PVC leather PU leather. Both material scope of application a degree of difference. In terms of footwear and PVCLeather lining or non-weight-site, or making children's shoes PU leather can be applied to fabric or bear the weight of the parts of the footwear. In terms of bag, applying more PVC

leather. This is because the bags of goods different from that put the foot in the shoe, without releasing heat; do not have to bear a person's body weight. PU, PVC difference is easy way from the corners to see the base cloth of PU to be much thicker than PVC, feel there is difference, PU soft; hard PVC handle; you can also use fire to burn and odor of PVC to light a lot of PU. Transverse 001 ▲ shoes, shoes, shoes with the required attention to operational safety; to nike free run 3 womens running shoes production costs, were also not Jin DAO, made entirely of hand-selected CD production, its options used by the model, in order to reduce errors, with good toughness, round cardboard; cardboard P.V.C plus table.Leather is one of the common ways. 002 ▲ so-called shoes of with locations, is refers to shoes Palm (Royal Palm) with to location, but is not points, to heels to sharp, with locations location (area) smaller,

with more low its with to of area on more big, so to business shoes work of technology views, with locations cannot was to shoes long of proportions set, but and find not out better of method be set, so currently are to divisors made with locations of set, its location about in feet long of one-third at (or two-thirds at-from late 後 segment is up). 003 ▲ shoe is completed by a lot of expertise, materials, the model just finished shoes are one of the tools, so shoe "variable" a lot on every front, so each level before the mass production of needed trial and avoid using any "decision" as dependence on mass production. 004 ▲ last sharp Alice is made from flat-bottom shoes toe front and flat on the ground floor loft information arising out of, the information of the last tip is said snubby is relatively small (low), non-flat bottom, base, forming bottoms ? last tip up, demand to end of last

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manufacturing process of the product is not the same

Monday 9 March 2015

 Qian State in, Hou State in, shoes tongue in, shoes tongue bubble cotton, sets Qian (Qian Hong Kong treasure), sets Hou (Hou Hong Kong treasure), Ling mouth bubble cotton, parts fill strong three: process decorative parts electric embroidered, printing, HF, eagerly, gradually color differentiation, nylon buckle, magic buckle, woven with four: soles parts big late , In the late, surface lining (insoles) five: sneakers of structure function 1. Qian State cover with network cloth class material, it has resistance folding and breathable sex. 2. laces provides good of suitable  nike flyknit lunar 2 womens feet sex. 3. shoes tongue surface parts has decorative landscaping and enhanced comfortable sex. 4. Ling mouth parts not high or excellent, to surface hurt feet. 5. woven with or pulled with,Ear function. 6. sets should be hard, to keep feet? Cornell study ㄐ?. 7. soles nursing wall can slowed wear. 8. right of soles

lines design, has anti-sliding role. 9, soles cushion has sucking earthquake sex, available sucking earthquake material EVA plug tablets. 10. soles followed by should than forefoot slightly high, such only meet feet type law. China shoes, and abroad several main shoes,: 1, and China shoes, of developed: that to feet long of mm for based of shoes,, a units (yards) about is equal to 6.35MM. 2, the world's several typical shoe size: weights: calculated nike free run according to the insole length, its length is equal to 1 6.67MM: English code: calculated by number of inches long at the end of 1-inch =25.45MM us code: United States unit sizes are measured in inches, the length is 9.00MM date code: Japan sizes in centimeters as the unit of measure, foot how much would wear shoes. PVC, PU are PVC (plastic), but both the manufacturing process of the product is not the same. PVC leather in manufacturing

process in the to first will plastic particles hot melt mixing into paste-like, by provides of thickness uniform coated reply in T/C needle weaving late base Shang, then entered sent bubble furnace in the for sent bubble, makes its has can adapted production various different products, and different requirements of soft degrees, in released of while for surface processing (staining, and pressure lines, and polished, and elimination light, and buffed raising,, main is pursuant to specific of products requirements to for of). PU leather manufacturing process is more complex than PVC leather, due to the tensile strength of the base cloth of PU is a good canvas PU material, in addition to coating on top of the ground fabric, a cloth can also be included in the Middle, making it look does not exist. Physical properties of PU leather to PVC leather good, winding resistance, good flexibility, high

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the characteristics of leaders and encouraging people to move

Monday 9 March 2015

perception, mainly manifested in the following aspects. (1) color in the athletic shoe uppers materials used sneakers to help surface material color than leather shoes with ease, rich and diversified. Colors include not only the common colors also make extensive use of metallic color, laser, flashlight, etc. (2) the use of color in motion on the sole leather shoes, rubber shoes, soles color for monochrome or color, sport shoes outsole for 3-5 colors. Large range of color choices, high lightness, purity of colour. Colors are not subject to too many restrictions, both pure   air jordan 6 retro uk color, but also a variety of color combinations, especially some rarely seen color in leather shoes, rubber shoes, used frequently in the sneakers, stand out, which is full of vigor and vitality. (3) Athletic Shoe packaging and promotional use of color sneakers are full of movement characteristics of products, motion is the

goal of human life itself, this product has the characteristics of leaders and encouraging people to move. Sneakers are very much focused on flexibility, outstanding products and advertising color sneakers feature and time sense along to stimulate the desire of consumers to buy. (4) sports shoes color is another way that works closely with fashion trends combining sneaker follow closely the changes in fashion trends, clothing fashion influence is very big. As a air jordan 4 retro uk producer and designer sneakers, pay attention to the fabric the popular color trends. 3, decorativeSneakers on the decoration, patterns, text, logos, can be used as decorative materials such as metal and plastic parts decoration parts relatively free; decorative effect more eye-catching decoration is characterized by dynamic, stylish, colorful decoration parts in recent years, a development toward the combining aesthetics

and functionality. 4, and sneakers of big late styling and shoes, and shoes compared to, big late pattern both delicate of II Party continuous, and Quartet continuous of small pattern, also has geometry shape rough, and free of pattern, also has no any traces of light late; both flat with late, and and has Po with late, and also has in the with dangling late; part movement soles Shang has nail, and rake of device, some special of sneakers big late installation pulley, and skates and iron frame, function sex device. Seldom used leather shoe soles, soles walls sneaker wall is quite common, and styling numerous of the wall. Sneakers of structure a: appearance visible parts 1. Qian tied surrounding (outside) 2. Qian tied cover (within head)? 3. eye sets? 4. shoes tongue? 5. Ling mouth (shoes mouth) 6. Hou Shang tablets? 7. Hou tied surrounding (rear)? 8. soles (big late) II: shoes in parts

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main is according to using of shoes paragraph and wear with

Monday 9 March 2015

raise degree meter. Last sharp Ku of the high and low are not rigid, depending on the shoes they need be applied depending on the situation, generally last Ku of the tip of the end of rigid set higher than the soft bottom, thick-soled set higher than the end of book; shoes with the last tip of the large amount of tilt-lower than the flat shoes, flat slippers have a last tip to put degrees. 005 ▲ last tip up (TOE SPRING) and height-related, with higher last tip tilt can be set lower,  air jordan 3 retro uk high contrast can be set such as the three-inch female high heels,Can set 6m/m-8M/m; a inch with shoes, can set for 8M/m-l0m/m; last pointed Alice degrees and by using material also has relationship, fabric using more book, last pointed Alice degrees can set lower as 0-8M/m; late material using more hard more thick, last pointed Alice degrees is should set high, such as 12-25m/m; word last head Alice degrees

 and no absolute of standard, main is according to using of shoes paragraph and wear with status and set, in selected last pointed Alice degrees 後, until completed (climbed into) shoes, Do not let it produces errors. 006 ▲ errors generated by the last sharp Alice, many factors, such as a shoe shoe up, selected as the 8M/m, which after the shoes became 10m/m, and errors you might read as follows: first, the heel is too low (including skin too thin); second, the sole air jordan 1 retro uk is too thick; third, the sole is too long; End of IV and is too soft; Five land, instrumentation failure; Tieli is not six, forces; VII filler too thick; eight, upper tension is too large (uppers too small or model Alice is too great); Nine, with too deep throat (back after the nail deformation); ten, upper (include skew). 007 ? "margin" is the shoe minus the feet long, shoes of different shoe shapes different margin, pointy shoes margin

the longest, followed by round, foot-shaped head at least. 008 ▲ dressed in soft bottom shoes, toe surround activity is more flexible, you can avoid having last pointed up, or set the lower tips of the last Ku of wearing hard and thick soles of shoes, toe surround activity is more inconvenient, so the last tip to be set higher up for the benefit of wearing. 009▲ Multi chip bonding, structure of uppers, its joint seam toe opening section of Wai activities should be avoided so as not to affect wear, but with a soft shoe, and the joint can be processed very well, does not affect toe wall turns may occasionally considered. 010 ▲ last pointed Alice degrees refers to shoes (or has pad with shoes last) placed ground (desktop) 後, shoes pointed (last pointed) and ground of distance; distance big is said last pointed Alice degrees big, distance small is last pointed Alice degrees small; last pointed

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so Sandals more needs has than full help shoes larger of squeeze

Monday 9 March 2015

Alice degrees according to shoes type, different with high of last shaped, wearing needs, material thick book and the soft hard of different and has different; with high of last shaped its last pointed Alice degrees to lower even no, with lower of last shaped its last pointed Alice degrees is can set high; skin material more hard needed has high of last pointed Alice degrees, using skin material more soft, last pointed Alice degrees can set lower ; It is generally said that last tip Alice, 8M/m a l2m/m, especially women's shoes 8M/m, l2m/m men, but according to the above  nike zoom vapor 9.5 tour uk description can be used for 0M/m-30m/m. 011 ▲ Sandals mostly to article with of uppers Assembly and into, made shoes 後, article with of back shrink rate big, so with last made of sandals will than full help shoes of volume small; wearing Shang (will feet squeeze into shoes) Sandals of article with than full help shoes

easy shift (deformation), so Sandals more needs has than full help shoes larger of squeeze into empty Jane only easy keep shoes shaped, so Sandals last needed than full help shoes last more fertilizer, General are shall not increased waist, cut short rest Yu and the cut low last pointed makes and toe together of shape same can. 012 ▲ designed units must have "standard siding"; " Standard lateral line "is the side of shoe bottom along the line, this line  nike mid blazer womens must be after the a-minus the margin total long position two-thirds at the end of the,-last tip, 8 12m/mRaise degree, heel dangling after-fill (heel). 013 ? full margin of sandals, a former (toe) behind (back heel), margin before Western about 15m/m, about 25m/m people, margin in the country after about 3M/m; Front margin will increase or decrease due to different shoe shapes, pointy shoes, long, wide toe is shorter. 014 ▲ to

lasting forming of looks, in the late of importance often was divisor ignored; lasting forming of shoes is by uppers made into Cap shaped, by in the late made late, coupling became container real, uppers and in the late mutual constitute for loaded feet of volume space, so uppers and in the late any party bad or coupling bad, except will caused shoes easy loss outside (using life short), also will makes volume space caused changes (wearing too pine or too tight, also not standard associate last shaped), prejudice wearing. 015 ▲ shoes Huan of measurement does not easy, except length outside, also has width, width and can points toe surrounding, and waist, and back surrounding; general scale table (Size Scale) only marked has length, and width table only marked has toe surrounding, but waist and the back surrounding can by projections obtained; as full help shoes last toe

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